Deer Hunting
Our deer hunting ranches produce some of the largest deer in the state. We offer both management and trophy whitetail hunting.
Exotic Hunting
Offering a huge range of exotic animals and different hunting methods in our free range ranches. With guides to help you get the best experience.
Trophy Hunting
Offering taxidermy services or processing, we can take care of all the details so you can collect your trophy with ease.
Lodging & Amenities
Various types of lodging each with different amenities. Options include; internet, cable TV, large kitchens, fully stocked bars and pools.

Whitetail Deer Hunting

Whitetail deer hunting in Texas is what we’re known for. Here at MMK we offer some of the highest quality and quantity of whitetail deer in the state. We hunt areas that, year after year, produce some of the best trophy deer around, ranging from 150” to over 200”. We have an intensive management and feeding program on all our ranches. This allows us to offer some great management hunts that make great trophies for any whitetail deer hunter.

We hunt both low fence free range and high fenced ranches. Call us today to book your next whitetail hunt!

Whitetail Deer Hunts

You can expect to see a tremendous amount of game during your whitetail hunt. It’s not uncommon to see 20-40 whitetail deer in a day. We hire some of the best guides in the field. They are very knowledgeable and courteous. Your success and satisfaction is their goal. We offer discounts to large groups and corporate groups. If you’re the hunting coordinator in charge of this task, give us a call. We specialize in handling any, and all needs to entertain those special clients. We do the work freeing you to entertain and also enjoy the whitetail hunt.

Our whitetail deer hunting accommodations are very clean and comfortable. Some are nicer than others, with some being five-star, but they all have modern amenities. You can expect three meals a day with snacks and drinks. Alcohol is not provided but can be brought and consumed after the day’s hunt. All of our deer hunting is done by all-inclusive package hunts. They include guide, lodging and meals; trophy preparation, which includes skinning, quartering and caping, and trophy drop off to our taxidermist along with photos.

Hunting Method and Style for Whitetails

Our hunting method for whitetails is often determined by some of the following conditions: time of year, the ranch we are hunting, weather, and rutting activity. The different types of hunting we use are stand hunting, spot and stalk, and antler rattling. We hunt from stands that vary. Some are nice large enclosed box blinds, portable tripods, ladder tree stands, and even brush-made ground blinds. We hunt corn feeders, corned roads, senderos, and food plots. This hunting style allows us to concentrate more deer so we can harvest the best mature deer in the area. You can expect to see 20-40 deer a day while hunting.

Booking Your Deer Hunt

We require an initial non-refundable booking fee of $1,500 that covers lodging, meals, drinks, 1X1 guide, digital photos and prints of your trophies, care of game, and transportation to the local airport. After harvesting your whitetail, the initial booking fee will be applied to the trophy fee.

Texas Whitetail Hunting

More Details On Our Whitetail Hunts

The Whitetail Deer are similar to other deer from around the country in that they are creatures of habit. They thrive in their particular environment. Bucks live separately from the does and the offspring, except during breeding season. The predictable nature of this animal and how it follows the same routines day after day, utilizing the same trails, bedding, and feeding areas, allows for a very high probability that your whitetail deer hunting experience will be a successful one. However, shifting because of food availability or weather conditions means tracking skills are still necessary. At MMK Outfitters, we spend many hours pre-scouting and pattern the deer movement. This helps with herd management and allows our guides to put you on that trophy buck you're after.

We try to harvest the most mature whitetail bucks on our ranches, which average between 4 1/2 and 6 1/2 years old. This allows the whitetail buck to reach their best potential and, in turn, have the best possible antler growth. So call to plan your hunt with us today for the best time of the year and dates when the bucks will be in their best possible condition. We can rifle hunt our ranches starting the first weekend in October. The bucks are generally still in their bachelor groups.

Whitetail Deer Hunting TexasThere are three periods of the rut: the pre-rut, the rut, and the post-rut. The pre-rut is when the bucks start setting dominance over younger bucks. They will start making rubs and scrapes. Their daytime activity will increase and they will be checking their scrape line looking for a receptive doe. The second phase is the actual rut when they are in the breeding period. In this phase, the buck behavior can be characterized as tending or chasing.

What Your Whitetail Hunt Includes

All of our hunting is priced as all-inclusive package hunts. This covers the guide, meals and lodging, trophy care (which includes skinning, quartering and caping), and delivery of your trophy to our taxidermist. Pick up and drop off from the nearest airport, firearms, and ammo can all be handled with prior arrangements.

You can use different techniques of hunting, whether it is horn rattling, grunting, or doe bleats. Lastly, we have the post-rut. The activity of the buck may slow down, but there is still the opportunity to harvest the big buck that had gotten away. They are still looking for that doe that has not been bred.

Your Deer Hunt Does Not Include Hunting License, Processing of the Deer and Taxidermy.

Gratuities for your guide and cook. When a hunter asks what he should tip, I tell the hunter to tip for the level of service and hard work your guide provides for you. If he works his tail off in the field and camp, taking care of you and making your hunt one of the best you have ever been on, then a tip of 5%-10% of the hunting package would let him know he has done what is expected of him.

Hunting licenses

There are no deadlines to meet. You can purchase your license at any sporting goods store or online prior to your arrival at The current cost for a non-resident hunting license is $315. A youth license is $6.

We provide whitetail deer hunting in Texas and throughout the entire state on private ranches.

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