Oddly shaped antelope with high shoulders, low rump. Overall color is gray, with white markings on cheeks, ears. Black hairs on the throat and a mane on the neck and shoulders. The horns (males only) avg. 7"- 8", straight and conical. Native to eastern Pakistan and India. First released on the King Ranch in 1930.
All inclusive* hunting
packages available.


Nilgai Trophy Fees:

  • Nilgai: $7,250

*In addition to the trophy fee there is an all-inclusive $200 per day fee, which covers a guide, lodging, meals, snacks all beverages, skin & quarter trophy, cold storage, and fishing in our multiple stock ponds and assistance with taxidermist pickup. Non-hunters can attend for $150 per day per person and includes lodging, meals, and fishing.

Method of Hunting Nilgai:

Most common is safari style, also spot and stalk, and blind hunting.
Type of hunting: Rifle, Bow, Handgun, or Muzzleloader

Best Time of the Year for Hunting Nilgai:

With Nilgai being a horned animal, they can be hunted year round. There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting Nilgai in Texas.

All-inclusive Day Rate Includes:

  • Very nice lodging with all of the amenities
  • All beverages, non - alcoholic
  • 3 meals per day
  • WiFi
  • All transportation while hunting
  • Professional guide
  • Skinning, quartering of your trophy
  • Walk-in cooler and ice down of all meat taken home
  • Help arrange processor or taxidermist

MMK Offers the opportunity to hunt and harvest a great Trophy Nilgai that will look great hanging on the wall in your trophy room. Trophy Nilgai can be hunted year round with no seasonal restrictions in Texas. And we offer some World Record Class Nilgai hunts. Typically the Blue Bulls we hunt have horn length in the 8-11 inch range and weigh approximately 600-750lbs.

The typical method of hunting Trophy Nilgai would be Spot and Stalk, Safari Style, as well as hunting from a Blind. With the following: bow, rifle, black powder, handgun style hunting. We can accommodate hunters of all age groups and experience levels, as well as hunters which have physical disabilities or may be confined to a wheelchair.

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