Axis Deer
This deer is common throughout the wooded areas of India. It can be distinguished by its reddish coat with white spots. The antlers can grow upwards of 2 to 3 feet. Axis Deer generally live 20 to 30 years and can weigh near 200 lbs.
All inclusive* hunting
packages available.

Axis Deer

Axis Deer Trophy Fees:

  • Up to 35”: $4,250
  • 36”+: $5,250

*In addition to the trophy fee, there is an all-inclusive $200 per day fee, which covers a guide, lodging, meals, beverages, skin & quarter trophy, cold storage, fishing in our multiple stock ponds and assistance with taxidermist pickup. Non-hunters can attend for $150. per day per person and includes lodging, meals, fishing.

Method of Hunting Axis Deer:

Most common is safari style, also spot and stalk, and blind hunting.
Type of hunting: Rifle, Bow, Handgun, or Muzzleloader

Best Time of the Year for Hunting Axis Deer:

With Axis deer, they are an antlered animal - there are two types of bucks winter buck or summer buck, so they can be hunted year round.

All inclusive day rate includes:

  • Very nice lodging with all of the amenities
  • All beverages, non-alcoholic
  • 3 meals per day
  • WiFi
  • All transportation while hunting
  • Professional guide
  • Skinning, quartering of your trophy
  • Walk-in cooler and ice down of all meat taken home
  • Help arrange processor or taxidermist

Axis deer hunting is considered a prestigious trophy hunt, and MMK Outfitters offers package hunts throughout the state of Texas.

These gorgeous animals make a beautiful prize. White spots cover their summer and winter coats over a rufous fawn color. Their stomach, throat, and under-tail areas are usually white, and they have a dark dorsal stripe from the back of their heads to the tip of their tails.

If you are looking for a male during your axis deer hunting experience, you will see they stand about 36 inches high at the shoulder, and they can weigh up to about 200 lbs. Adult males have antlers that are a reddish-brown color. The beam – curving backward and out in a lyre shape – averages in the 20-inch range; beams between 30 and 36 inches in length are considered exceptional. Each side usually has three tines, and the antlers are shed annually. Once in a while, you will see a herd of males wandering around together. Looking for a female instead? You will usually find her traveling with her offspring in small herds.

Axis deer hunting is usually the most successful during the day when the deer are usually out. Just after dawn and just before sunset, you will find these beautiful creatures most active. Because it is a tropical deer, there is no seasonal rut. Axis bucks can be found in velvet, and hard horn regardless of the time of year, which also means fawning can take place at any time.
Axis Hunting Trophy

Another benefit to Axis deer hunting is that there are no seasonal restrictions in the state of Texas. This means it can be a suitable trophy year round. And with its tasty meat that is almost fat-free, it is among the leanest meat of any mammal. If this is your goal during your hunting experience, you will find it to be the best venison you can eat.

With Axis deer hunting, you get a safari-style hunt just like you would in Africa – without having to travel to another continent to do so!

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