Elk & Red Deer Pricing

Red Stag:
Up to 290" $8,000
300” – 370” $10,050
375”- 400” $12,500
405"- 450" $17,500
Elk Bulls:
Up to 299” $6,500
300” - 370” $8,500
375" - 400" $10,500
400"+ POR

Please Note - These are all-inclusive hunts - No additional cost, no day rates!!!

All-inclusive - includes: guide, lodging, meals, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, skin & quarter, cold storage, fishing, assistance with taxidermist pickup.

Non-hunting guests may attend at a rate of $150 /day/guest

All prices are subject to change, either down or up depending on the class of trophy. Any wounded animal that's not found will be considered a killed animal and full payment is required.

Our goal is to offer the best hunting experience at the best price.

*These are very limited and some are very rare to hunt in Texas. The availability is limited each year. To insure our hunters get a trophy class animal, we recommended advanced booking. We ask for 1-3 months advanced booking for these hunts.

Elk & Red Deer Pricing

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