Deer Hunting
Our deer hunting ranches produce some of the largest deer in the state. We offer both management and trophy whitetail hunting.
Exotic Hunting
Offering a huge range of exotic animals and different hunting methods in our free range ranches. With guides to help you get the best experience.
Trophy Hunting
Offering taxidermy services or processing, we can take care of all the details so you can collect your trophy with ease.
Lodging & Amenities
Various types of lodging each with different amenities. Options include; internet, cable TV, large kitchens, fully stocked bars and pools.

Texas Hunting

Welcome to MMK Outfitters
We've been offering Texas hunting services since 2006. We hunt some of the finest and largest Whitetail deer in the state as well as over 30 exotic species. Our family owned business has some of the finest accommodations, lodging, meals, and guides that you will find. Check out our reviews on the review tab to see what former hunters think of our services, guides and quality of animals. We have served corporations in both client entertainment as well as team building exercises. We can meet the needs of any group you would like to entertain and we hunt multiple ranches to address all your hunting needs. Whatever your preference is, MMK outfitters can meet those expectations and then some. Contact us today to book your next hunt in Texas.

Hunting Services

Deer Hunting Service TexasWe offer many different types of hunting services in Texas including whitetail deer hunts, exotic hunts and big game trophy hunts. We have multiple ranches throughout the state (South Texas brush country, Texas Hill Country, Central Texas, West Texas). Our hunting ranches produce some of the largest animals in the state in both high fence and low fence habitats. With our Texas management deer hunts, you can expect them to be as exciting as the trophy whitetail hunts with deer ranging in sizes from the 120's to the mid 130's. Our cull whitetail deer hunting offers a great time for the first time hunter or if you're looking to put some great venison in the freezer.

We specialize in corporate hunts, handling all of the necessities to entertain that special client or groups of clients to whom you would like to show your appreciation. You will receive special group pricing and your client, like all of our hunters, will receive the best hunt possible. We provide delicious meals with all of our hunting services. We employ some of the best guides and staff in the industry, and they will provide you with very polite and courteous service. If you're looking for great hunting experience, call us today to book your next hunt.

Whitetail Deer Hunting

Whitetail Deer Hunting TexasWhitetail deer hunting in Texas is our specialty. We offer some of the highest quality and quantity of whitetail deer in the state. We hunt areas that, year after year, produce some of the best trophy deer in Texas, ranging from 150” to over 200”. We have an intensive management and feeding program on all the ranches we hunt, and this allows us to offer some great management hunts that make great trophies for any whitetail deer hunter. The areas we hunt include the brush country of South Texas, the Hill Country of central Texas, and the plains of West Texas. We hunt both low fence free range and high fenced ranches. Don’t delay – call and lock your date in today.

We hire some of the best guides in the field. They are very knowledgeable and courteous. Your success and satisfaction is their goal. You can expect to see a tremendous amount of game while whitetail deer hunting; it’s not uncommon to see 20-40 deer in a day. We offer discounts to large groups and corporate groups. If you’re the hunting coordinator in charge of this task, give us a call. We specialize in handling any and all needs to entertain those special clients. We do the work freeing you to entertain and also enjoy the hunt. Guaranteed shot opportunity!

Exotic Game Hunting

Texas HuntingExotic game hunting in Texas is another specialty of ours. Our exotic hunts include species from all over the world. Some of the most popular game includes elk, buffalo, Axis deer, blackbuck, trophy ram, red stag, scimitar horned Oryx, and 30 other types of animals. With our exotic hunting ranches, there is no closed season so we can hunt year round. Some species of exotic game are more numerous in Texas than in the countries from which they originate. Let us set up a Texas safari that would include trophy exotics from all over the world. We can provide a customized hunting package for you or that group of hunters wanting to hunt the world. Call us today and let us set up your great exotic hunt!

We hunt some of the finest ranches in Texas, high fenced and free range. The most common Texas exotic hunting is stand hunting, spot and stalk, and safari style (the same way you would hunt in Africa). The great thing about exotic hunting in Texas is it’s a fraction of the cost and inconvenience of hunting abroad, and less time is needed to harvest that great trophy. Our guides are highly experienced and motivated to assist in your success. No need to travel to multiple countries to harvest those trophies. To learn about our other Texas exotic hunting and for pricing, contact us anytime.