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Texas Exotic Hunting

Texas has some of the largest herds of exotic game in the country. Our Texas exotic hunting includes species from all over the world. Some species of exotic game are more numerous in Texas than in the countries from which they originate. We offer over 30 different types of game.

Texas Exotic Hunting all Year Round

We hunt some of the finest ranches in Texas, high fenced and free range. The most common Texas exotic hunting is stand hunting, spot and stalk, and safari style (the same way you would hunt in Africa). The great thing about exotic hunting in Texas is it’s a fraction of the cost and inconvenience of hunting abroad, and less time is needed to harvest that great trophy. Our guides are highly experienced and motivated to assist in your success. No need to travel to multiple countries to harvest those trophies.

Let us set up a Texas safari that would include trophy exotics from all over the world. We can provide a customized hunting package for you or that group of hunters wanting to hunt the world. With most of our Texas exotic hunting ranches, hog hunting is included at no additional cost.

The current cost for non-resident adult 5-day small-game hunting license is $45. A youth license is $6.

Call today and let us set up that great Texas exotic hunting experience!

Axis Deer
This deer is common throughout the wooded areas of India. It can be distinguished by its reddish coat with white spots. The antlers can grow upwards of 2 to 3 feet. Axis Deer generally live 20 to 30 years and can weigh near 200 lbs.
American Bison
The "American Buffalo" at maturity can stand at a colossal 6-7 ft, extend 10 feet in length, and weigh over 1 ton. These beautiful animals are one of our more popular exotic hunts. The American Bison lives to about 15 years of age.
Originating from India, the Blackbuck is easily noticeable by its "spiraling" antlers that extend up to 28 inches. The Blackbuck uses its incredible speed to survive as it travels across the open plains in herds 15-20 animals strong.
Out of Europe, Fallow Deer have become popular exotic hunts in Texas. There are three common colors: white, chocolate and common (spotted). The bucks have palmated type antlers.
Red Stag
The Red Stag of New Zealand is a close relative to the Elk. These deer are very popular on our Texas exotic hunting ranches because of their enormous antlers. Trophies can easily exceed 15 points and reach into the high 20s. Red Deer are a great source of venison with males weighing up to 500 lbs.
Sika Deer
A close relative of the Red Stag, and originating out of East Asia, the Sika Deer is a favorable hunt for two very good reasons. First, the venison is some of the best tasting you will ever have; and second, the Sika Deer is known for being incredibly "clever" and provides one great Texas exotic hunting experience.
Dybowski Sika Deer
The Dybowski Sika, a sub-species of the Sika Deer, is the largest of the family. They tend to stay in the colder regions of East Asia, and are one of the most difficult to track down. Our Texas exotic hunting ranches are an excellent opportunity to hunt one of these exotic animals.
Scimitar Oryx
This exotic game species is generally hunted for its beautiful horns. The narrow, sleek horns curve backwards and can reach lengths over 40."
Aoudad Sheep
The Aoudad Sheep, which is actually closely related to the goat, range from approximately 30 to 40 inches tall at the shoulder and can weigh anywhere from 90 to 350 lbs. The horns curve outwards, backwards then inwards. The Aoudad Sheep is an elusive animal and can make one of the wildest Texas exotic hunting experiences.
Catalina Goat
The Catalina Goat varies in color such as black, white, brown, or even reddish brown. Large males can weigh up to 200 lbs. and females come in at around 90 lbs. The horns can have a spread of 30 to 40 Inches and a length of 20 to 30 inches. This is one of the most frequently sought types of Texas exotic hunting.
Corsican Sheep
Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, Painted Desert and American Blackbelly Sheep are all members of the Corsican family of sheep. Depending on how they are cross-bred, their coats can be black, brown, and reddish brown. Horn length and weight generally fall in the same range as the other sheep available on our Texas exotic hunting ranches.
Four Horned Sheep
Four Horned Sheep have wool colored black, brown, or white, with spots of various color patterns. The females may or may not have 2 or 4 horns. The rams have 4 distinct horns, 2 that grow up from the head and 2 that grow down by the jaw. A large male can weigh up to 200 lbs.
Mouflon Sheep
Mouflon Sheep typically have black hair on their face and neck, brown on their sides, and a white underbelly. The males and some females are horned, but many do lack horns. The males weigh about 150 lbs. and females about 75 lbs.
Hawaiian Black Sheep
Hawaiian Black Sheep are a hybrid sheep. The weight can vary with these animals, with females coming in at about 75 lbs. and males at 150 lbs. They typically stand 28 to 30 inches at the shoulder, carrying an impressive mane. Their horns grow up, back, down, forward, up, and out.
Texas Dall Sheep
The Texas Dall Sheep is completely white or golden-colored with a white face. Large rams can weigh up to 150 lbs. and females around 75 lbs. The Texas Dall Sheep is a hybrid which originated in Texas.
Red Sheep
Red Sheep are a hybrid sheep typically found only in Texas now. They look light brown or tan to a light reddish brown. Horn size varies. Females’ horns are usually smaller at less than 5 inches. Males’ horns can go to 20 inches, and more than 30 inches for record-size sheep. The horns grow up, out and back around the neck.
Addax Antelope
The Addax Antelope is a rare species and can be hunted year-round. In Texas, they range In antler size from 25 to 36 inches. The horns corkscrew up, making at least 2 twists. Large males can weigh up to 275 lbs. and females up to 200 lbs. This type of Texas exotic hunting offers the ultimate in trophies that anyone would be proud to harvest.
Common Lechwe
The trophy Lechwe can be hunted year round. A male can typically range in size from 39 to 44 inches at the shoulder and weigh about 200 to 280 lbs. Their colors range from a bright chestnut red to black.
Bongo Antelope
The Bongo Antelope is a beautiful animal that is easily distinguishable by its reddish coat with white or yellow stripes. Both males and females have horns with a spiral-like shape. As with all our Texas exotic hunting, the Bongo can be hunted year round.
Dama Gazelle
The Dama (or Addra) Gazelle is white with a tan colored head and neck. They originate from Africa and spend much of their time in the Sahara Desert when it is not dry season. They weigh up to 190 lbs. and stand up to 42 inches tall at the shoulder.
Eland Antelope
The Eland Antelope provides an exciting Texas exotic hunting experience. These animals can have horns that are 24-plus inches. Both males and females have horns. Males can weigh as much as 1,500 lbs. and females around 800 lbs. These are very large-bodied animals and are tan in color.
Both the male and female Gemsbok Antelope have horns. The horns are long and straight in the 30 to 40 inch range and have beautiful colorings. They are usually black and gray. A male can weigh 400 lbs., and a large female about 250 lbs.
Kudu hunts are a highly desirable experience. These animals are very popular exotic hunts in Africa for their outstanding spiral horns.
Pere David Deer
Pere David Deer were originally from China and then sent to Europe. They are gray in color. The males are large at about 400 lbs. and females at 200 lbs. They were virtually extinct in the wild but were saved as a species by a Catholic Priest, Father Pere David, who put some behind a large fence to protect and grow.
The Sable is another exotic rare animal. Their horns run straight up considerably before starting to curl backwards and down. The Sable is dark brown. As this species matures, its coat gets pitch black.
The bull Tahr has horns which grow in excess of 12 inches long. A fully grown bull can be about 200 lbs. and a female Tahr will weigh about 90 lbs. The Tahr is brown with long white hair on its neck and shoulders. These animals are sure footed and like steep terrain. They make for a formidable Texas exotic hunting trophy.
The male and female Markhors are tan color with white under the belly, and they have white and black markings on their legs. They have corkscrewed horns. The males will reach from 35 to 50 inches and the females are much smaller.
Nilgai Antelope
The Nilgai Antelope is a native of India. They're the second largest member of the antelope family. A mature male can weigh as much as 600 lbs. The female weighs about 450 lbs. They also become very dark with a bluish to black color when reaching maturity. The younger Nilgai are tan. Because of their size, they make for a great hunt.
Nubian Ibex
Nubian Ibex wild goats are brownish tan in color, and display sharply contrasting black and white on the fronts of their legs and a white belly. The males have a black beard and horns with lengths averaging 35 inches. The female horns are usually much smaller.
The Waterbuck is another formidable African antelope. They are a large shaggy looking antelope and their color ranges from dark chestnut brown to blackish gray, with only the males sporting long ringed horns. They are usually found near water and have a white marking on their rump.
Water Buffalo
The Water Buffalo is a very large animal. Males can weigh as much as 1,500 lbs. and females about 1,000 lbs. They are mostly black or gray in color. They are often seen submerging themselves underwater and then resurfacing, with only their heads visible, until they go back under water.
The Wildebeest is a unique looking animal. They can be blackish blue or gray in color. Their horns grow out from the head, curve up and then in. Large males can be as large as 375 lbs. and females about 250 lbs.
The Zebra is known for its black and white stripes, but they vary in looks depending on their geographic location.
Wild Boar
Hog hunting is included at no extra charge, at most of our Texas exotic hunting ranches.

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